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Business modeling

Designing your uniqueness as interconnections between the most critical factors of your success. Your BM is the key pillar for your competitive advantage

Financial modeling

Creating a financial model for conscious business management. We force your data to be speaking

People development

Creating strong teams based on measurable performance and effective usage/ultization of your people skills and experience

Due diligence

Providing with an External expertise to make decision and be prepared for purchase

Business processes Audit

Expert and objective review of routine processes to improve efficiency and keep your value chain

Service packages

Suggestion for trainings, legal support in contracting and negotiations, etc.

About us

We are your team of experts offering a wealth of experience & skills in business, legal, and finance areas, aimed at making the life of your company easier.

Not sure what new business or finance model best fits your business’ needs?

Do you hunger for an audit of your business processes for improvements or increased revenue?

Are you thinking of purсhasing another company but don’t have enough resourсes to organize due diligence? Do you need to find unique training?

We can help you make these and other important decisions to solve your business needs.

No more stressful days at the office once you have a dedicated advisor with a comprehensive business support package from Unicorn Solutions & Consulting.

Whatever changes you are hoping to make, or goals you are trying to achieve, Unicorn Solutions Consulting will provide you with sound advice and guidance every step of the way.

  • LAW
  • AUDIT & compliance

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Elena Kobylianska
Elena Kobylianska
Founder & CEO
Olga Sutkovenko
Olga Sutkovenko
Legal advisor
Anna Fedorchenko
Anna Fedorchenko
Financial designer
Alena Chernysheva
Alena Chernysheva
People Development Master


Our business workflow is designed to clarify your request and define your issue on the first step when we listen to you in a friendly atmosphere, specify the details and crystallize the essence of the problem.

Your consultations will progress through the following phases (pre-analysis; onsite or offsite analysis; subject matter expertise) and conclude with a detailed report and review session.

We provide you with a specific Solution for your business on the final step that will yield immediate benefits to your firm.

First Step
We define and clarify your issue
Next Step
We analyze your data
Final Step
We provide you solution


The core members of this team worked under my indirect oversight at Platinum Bank for many years. The team has an extensive experience with general management, HR, legal, finance, business processes, as well compliance and audit. They also have in-depth knowledge of world-class approaches to business, combined with first hand deep expertise in the Ukrainian business environment. I am pleased to recommend them to you as a reliable and knowledgeable partner.
Greg Krasnov
Founder & CEO
FORUM (fintech venture builder)
Elena and I worked together for 7 years at Platinum Bank in a range of functions. She lead my entire Legal team which protected the entire Platinum Bank and led the Delinquent Credit Committee which dealt with both retail and commercial clients. In addition, Elena was elected by the entire senior management team as the Head of Integration when we purchased a large retail bank in the Ukraine. While Lena’s core competencies are managing the legal environment and due diligence/business integration processes and support, what I appreciate most about Elena is her ability to be a business leader. She sees the big picture with every project she undertakes. Elena would be a highly valued member of any team or project.
Todd Esposito
Former CFO & Deputy CEO
Platinum Bank
I had the pleasure of working with Elena for many years at Platinum Bank, collaborating on several projects. She showed outstanding project management skills in troubleshooting and solving issues in the role of project leader. With a strong ability to drive continuous improvement and achieve desired results as well as excellent communication skills, Elena is continuously proactive in her approach. A competent and patient manager, she has consistently shown her ability to lead. Elena is an honest and hardworking team player, making her a valuable addition to any project/company.
Peter Barčak
Co-founder & CEO
I had the pleasure of working with Elena at Global Digital Commerce Agency as a peer. During that time, I admired Elena’s ability to act as a global bridge between business units and her ability to rationalize our business process. Elena assembled a competent team and aligned to and executed on a global vision.
Don McClure VP
VP, Program Management
Global Digital Commerce Agency
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