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To achieve operational efficiency and a high return on investment we help organizations rely on our proprietary PERFECT Business Process Map (BPM)™ Methodology improve their processes before selection rather than allowing stagnant functionality to dictate your operations.
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Business Process Map
Value chain
Six Sigma DMAIC Analysis
Risk Mitigation plan
Three degrees of process management
Impact Change Analysis

The Six Sigma DMAIC approach is a management philosophy focused on making an organization more effective and efficient. By incorporating this approach into our PERFECT BPM™ Methodology, organizations benefit from a comprehensive and holistic analysis of their current state and a recommendation for improved efficiency and operational excellence. Our methodology consists of three key steps:

Business Process Mapping – This includes one-on-one work with various functional areas and individuals at your organization to outline strategy, map processes (incl. interconnections, inputs and outputs), gather requirements and KPIs, validate findings and identify process improvement opportunities. The strategic and tactical assessments conducted to provide the framework for the initial business case and benefits realization plan.

Unicorn Solutions & Consulting performs three degrees of process management based on your needs as Business Process Improvement, Optimization and/or Reengineering. We “deep dive” into your organization’s processes and identify core processes, value chain, blank areas, missing processes, risks and opportunities for improvement. This involves on-site workshops, DMAIC Analysis (including Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) and solution development, and improvement pilot sessions. Unicorn Solutions & Consulting will help your organization implement process changes and document any new policies and procedures. We provide you with process improvement, optimization or re-engineering as well as Organizational Structure Redesign and Continuous Process Improvement based on each client’s needs.

Continuous Improvement – To ensure that the recommended process improvements are practical, sustainable and continue to deliver value to the organization, Unicorn Solutions & Consulting provides leadership and change management support, executive and end-user training, including ongoing implementation, post-implementation and benefits realization services.

Our staged approach empowers your organization to understand, improve and take charge of your processes in both the short- and long-term. It also provides the training and support necessary to create true and lasting change throughout your organization.

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