Financial modeling

A financial model is a tool for forecasting the financial performance of business in future. Your Financial Model is your unique route, which will lead you to the realization of your ambitious ideas and bold goals in business in the most optimal and ecological way.
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Financial model
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Unicorn Solutions & Consulting are conducting a financial analysis of the company’s activities and its evaluation. We construct evaluation model, which shows investments attractiveness or results of asset management, depending on your objectives.

Unicorn Solutions & Consulting will analyze the Quality of Earnings as a principle which describes how much the presented figures in the reports reflect the real ability of the company to generate cash flows.

Financial modeling is a tool for forecasting, planning and decision making. With the help of financial modeling, a forecast of certain assumptions is made and, accordingly, one can see the effect of such assumptions on the financial condition of the project or company or business. In addition, the purpose of financial modeling is, for an example, a determining the feasibility of the project at an early stage.

We analyze your current position based on the company’s prior performance, profit and loss statements, balance sheet, cash flow statement, etc. Further, we build more advanced types of models, such as discounted cash flow analysis, borrowed funds (leveraged-buyout), mergers and acquisitions and sensitivity analysis.

Your Financial Model will allow you analyze and make decisions on Raising Capital (debt and / or capital), making Acquisitions (enterprises and / or assets), Growing the business organically (i.e. opening new stores, entering new markets, etc.), Selling or divesting assets and business units, Budgeting and forecasting (planning for the years ahead), Capital allocation (priority of projects investment), Valuing business.

The main difference of our work with a business or a company is an unconventional approach which takes into account the individual characteristics and features of the business. We take into account the nuances and force the numbers to speak.

We will create a unique financial model for the conscious management of your business and search for a path to its better development.

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