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Your Business Model is your uniqueness. A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value. The Business Model is like a blueprint for a strategy to be implemented through organizational structures, processes, and systems. A business model concept must be simple, relevant, and intuitively understandable, while not oversimplifying the complexities of how enterprises function.
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Business Model Design Process

The term business model is thrown around a lot and more frequently than not to mean an incomplete understanding of what makes a business a business. Business Model is not your business, It’s a method of inquiry to help you understand what to do next. A business model is the “core content” or the “short story” of the company (actual or prospective). We provide you with your Unique Business Model.

We believe a business model can best be described through nine basic building blocks that show the logic of how a company intends to make money. The nine blocks cover the four main areas of a business: customers, offer, infrastructure, and financial viability.

Concepts upon which our Patterns are based include Unbundling, The Long Tail, Multi-Sided Platforms, FREE as a Business Model and Open Business Models. We use these to make the concepts comparable, easy to understand, and applicable. A single business model can incorporate several of these patterns.

We design organizations, strategies, business models, processes, and projects and follow six business model design techniques: Customer Insights, Ideation, Visual Thinking, Prototyping, Storytelling, Scenarios. We demonstrate how the technique applies to your Business Model design and find the best solution for your company.

The Strategy. There is not a single business model… There are really a lot of opportunities and a lot of options and we just have to discover all of them. According to four strategic areas: the Business Model Environment, Evaluating Business Models, a Business Model Perspective on Blue Ocean Strategies, and how to Manage Multiple Business Models within an enterprise we constructively question established business models and strategically examine the environment in which your own business model functions.

The Business Model Design Process we propose has five phases: Mobilize, Understand, Design, Implement, and Manage. Eventually, we provide you with your Unique Business Model includes defining all related projects, specifying milestones, organizing and legal structures, preparing a detailed budget and project roadmap, and so forth. For successful organizations, creating a new business model or rethinking an existing one is not a one-time exercise. It’s an activity that continues beyond implementation.

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