Service packages

Unicorn Solutions & Consulting suggests service packages to our customers. Service Packages are a set of services provided on the basis of our main services with additional offers according to your individual needs.
What We Deliver
Support of change implementation
Contracts legal support
Contracts legal support

We decided to single out “service packages” in a separate service since we know how important it is for you to find only necessary services for you. From our side, your satisfaction with our services is important.

So we were not limited with the declared basic services, but focused on the client’s issues and expanded the range of services, adding and combining them in such a way that as a result, you could be 100% satisfied.

Unicorn Solutions & Consulting considers every single task or requirement creatively. All our services include such stages as analysis, evaluation, recommendations, implementation, and maintenance. Of course, at the client’s request, such chain of steps can be reduced for each separate service.

Given transience of life, we are well aware that, despite the desirability of recommended complex approach, the company may have an urgent request for restoration of any part of the company or search for the best solution in problem areas. In this case, we most likely use mix of our services with additional options, which allow you obtain a solution to your problem and reduce the charge for our services.

With Unicorn Solutions & Consulting you will receive the desired result, as we possess high quality of expertise, we use individual approach and unconventional methods of collaboration.

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